These are the current projects on which I am working on to help a few individuals that are raising expansion capital and charity funding.

Magna Energy Storage:
Magna Energy Storage is a 1.2 GW battery factory in Czech Republic that opened in 2020 and has one production line operational and currently seek equity investors to expand more robotic production lines in order to meet existing demand and orders.
The patented technology name is HE3DA battery technology which was invented by Czech inventor using press design and nanotechnology providing minimal battery management system, internal cooling, higher capacity and ultimate safety. Business plan is available under signed NDA.
Phase: Operational
Seeking: 50 mio EUR on top of 53 mio already raised.
More information: (Link)

Wunderschild is a KYC/AML/SAAS platform that utilizes machine learning to provide a Know-Your-Network study on global companies and assign risk weighting based on a number of metrics, sanctions and even input from legal documentation.
Phase: Startup
Seeking: 2 mio EUR
More information: (Link)

Smiling Crocodile:
We support children with complex needs, hearing impairment or children living in disadvantaged areas internationally.