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I am a citizen of the USA and Australia and have been living in Central and Eastern Europe since 1996. Prior to that, I spent 7 years in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. Before that, 3 years in New York.

My work began in the World Trade Center, working in settlements and trading for a Futures Commodity Merchant, then moved into sales of financial products for institutional trading desks, investment funds, and proprietary traders in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. I became a citizen of Australia during this time.

In 1996 I moved to Prague and worked in emerging market equities broking. This led me to assignments in Kyiv, Ukraine, then Athens, Greece, and finally back to Prague.  Later I moved to Belgrade, Serbia to consult for brokers that would encounter similar transitions in Privatization that I had encountered in the previous three locations and I became involved in privatization advisory, illiquid bond sales as well as equities broking.

After returning to Prague I created one of the region’s first trading operations for emissions allowances, for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. From there I went on to research and author an emissions arbitrage fund that I marketed for about a year, only to get a firm commitment from a major investment bank shortly before they collapsed in the sub-prime mortgage debacle.

In 2011 I joined the largest oil and gas, exploration, and production company in the Czech Republic and negotiated framework agreements with the largest energy traders in Western Europe, and set up my employer’s access to exchanges and trading hubs.

Later I consulted through my company, Melbourne s.r.o. (limited) in Prague and worked on a number of projects and the introduction of clients. One recent project was working with research scientists at the Czech Academy of Sciences where the world’s strongest and patented Photocatalytic coating was designed. The white paper proposes the use of subsidies to roll out the use of the coating on urban center buildings. The photocatalytic coating can pull away electrons from harmful pollutants, effectively disintegrating them into harmless, basic elements (oversimplified).

Through this activity, I encountered other scientists working on Methane removal in Europe using similar technologies, and also Iron Salts in the atmosphere.

An Appeal for Assistance to a Worthy Charity

Please take a look at the Smiling Crocodile page, which is championing the rights of special needs children in the Czech Republic, India, Bangladesh, and a few African nations through her charity, Smiling Crocodile o.p.s. ( Facebook page). I am a board member of this charity which began in the Czech Republic and has grown internationally.


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1951 R51/3 BMW Bought while working in Greece