My work is mostly centered around setting up trading operations, packaging and marketing the credit relationships, establishing EFET contract relationships. originating deals for supply of power or gas, and the sale of portfolio or generation-related assets.

When meeting Eastern European counterparties I usually give them this document, to initiate a conversation about their future business:

Daniel Butler, MELBOURNE s.r.o.

This document is a short brief on the purpose of the discussions I seek to have with your company. My goal as a private individual is to assist local entities who seek international partners, investors, buyers or services. My background is in financial and energy markets and have been recently very active in negotiating many such projects for a Czech-owned energy giant. I am now, with my company, Melbourne s.r.o., offering the services listed below and would like to discuss these concepts with you. Most, but not all, are directed towards the Natural Gas sector.   

I wish to suggest to local gas trading companies that they should consider setting up EFET trading agreements with counter partners that I wish to introduce because of the changes that will eventually, slowly, happen in the local gas market. These counterparties will be interested to buy and sell gas and work with structured products. What seems impossible in the near term, will likely happen at some point. I bring the added value of already knowing who these interested parties are, how they negotiate, and why they are interested. My offer is to negotiate these EFET contracts on your behalf.

Aside from offering the service of setting up these relationships, I can also assist in ”packaging” your company to market it in the best possible format since many international counterparties expect large amounts of due diligence documents, clear ownership structures, and professional financial statements, in order to begin to negotiate the credit lines.  

International companies may wish to enter this market in greenfield operations but more likely as a buyer of existing portfolios and perhaps infrastructure. I am interested to meet the owners of these portfolios to help set up buyers. This also applies if a financial partner/investor is desired, to jointly run operations and expansion.  

Other physical, functioning or dormant assets are of interest to larger investors. Generation of energy with fossil or biomass fuels, distribution networks, other infrastructure, or drilling equipment, etc. I would like to get mandates to find the interested parties who will buy these assets. 

I am interested to speak with trading companies simply to understand what they might be doing with the hope of providing some partner to provide them with some liquidity or source of product for your portfolio. 

If you seek financing for other projects and wish me to introduce this to seed investors, I also wish to see your business plans. I do ask, however that the data and research is of high quality. I will represent your project with non-disclosure agreements and provide you with all interaction memos.

If you are interested in building your trading activities, designing strategy and hiring individuals, I can advise on many components of your process or help choose the right individuals and entities that provide the requisite skills. 

I have interest from Western entities that seek to set up an active entity in your market. This means building EFET relationships, searching for assets (industrial service assets, production assets, or cient portfolios) and loose representation in deal origination. I am interested to hear from you about any and all of these in order to put both sides together in my wide network. 

Currently I am focusing on Romania, Poland, Serbia and Croatia as primary market targets, but also look to engage in Montenegro, Albania and Greece. . The partner community I would approach is based in Western Europe.

I believe that the discussion itself can bring you some benefit through the exchange of ideas. Even if you are not interested in mandating me for a project, I might bring in the other side to a deal with your company because of what I can learn from a meeting with you. My fees are affordable and I can be flexible. 

About me 
My background is in investment banking sales-trading: currency trading, commodities futures broking, CEE privatization, fixed income and distressed debt sourcing and later carbon credit broking, JI credit origination. I have worked in NY, Sydney, Melbourne and then came to Prague in 1996. I have spent most of my European postings in Prague but also lived for one year each in Kiev, Athens, Belgrade and Vienna.

For the last three years I have been working at MND a.s., the largest Czech-owned Oil and Gas, exploration and production company, and owner of underground storage. My role was in building EFET relationships as MND entered the Czech and German trading markets. MND is now the largest player in the local market and is very active at NCG hedging production sales, trading around their storage in Czech, German and Austrian sites. MND is trading with the major natural gas players under the EFET contracts I have negotiated. 

Daniel Butler 
admin  (at) danielbutler.eu