A Private Pitch to Targray

Good day, 

This is my pitch for you to hire me in Geneva, Gurgaon, or one of the North American Centers.

I hope you do not mind this approach. I didn’t think the ATS would be very kind to me.

1. I have trading experience in many instruments, but mainly I am interested in Carbon. There will be many spread and arb opportunities because of the Voluntary carbon market in the USA in the next year. The VCM will be in demand. If I could buy one right now I would seek out those REDD credits that will be ‘nested’ in the REDD+ system. This means they will be suborned into the national system that is being pitched by companies like Emergent Forest. I met with them a few times now (for a job) and they have 30 applications from countries, and about 17 have passed their initial approval. These tropical forest countries are the ones to buy. They are guaranteeing a buy price of 10 or 11 USD a tonne so there is some support even if buying at 14. Which countries? This is easy to find out. 

I am also watching the futures products they have built. The Xpansiv seems to have some activity and if there is a basis spread, some reactivity to the underlying, I believe we can trade it. Also, with the task force on carbon, led by Mark Carney, my info from IHS and Platts is that they will make some sort of headway, and having contacts there is helpful. I think some of the others, like the illiquid carbon-ag offset products might be useful to watch. 

These last few months I have been in the NY area. I have met with some of the main players in the VCM market here. Brokers (there are many waiting to get in, STX, ACT, Evolution are already active, but the IDB are going to do more, soon), offset developers like South Pole (two I spoke with were in India), and then there are the many sustainability consultants that are being sought after right now. I believe marketing them to get them to refer clients, end-clients, will be useful. 

2. I can trade the EUA market in Europe. I have good contacts and some really good portfolio traders there. I know the main journalists quite well, from 2004 to 2011 when I was active there. 

3. Other usefulness. I have set up the functionality of a number of desks. Distressed bond desk, a carbon credit desk in Prague (the first real desk in Eastern Europe) and I was the one setting up all the EFET and credit lines for natural gas (and later power) for the Czech company, MND. The reason this is useful is that I am smooth when speaking with the counterparties. I understand many different commodities markets and have contacts in a good deal of them.

4. I am easy to move, I am professional, I wear a suit well and can meet the visitors and talk about most markets. My PR work is well thought out and I can speak to the press well, even if the reason is for damage control. I am a senior trader with experience in NY for Refco, in Australia in FX and commodities futures, In Europe doing a) emerging market equities to brokers in London, b) distressed debt, c) carbon, and d) Natural Gas. 

I hope you take this note well. I have a keen sense of new market interest and I have been seeing all sorts of signs for it. And I also believe you are staffing up. I think I can help in many different areas. 

Brief resume can be found here: CV DanielButler


web site danielbutler.eu

+1 914 427 4021 in New York

After 15 October I am in Prague on +420 606 213 523 

Thanks and regards, 

Daniel Butler