Photocatalytic Coating Project

There is a paint coating that contains an inorganic natural, compound which uses the sun to break apart pollution in the air by pulling away the electrons that bind these compounds together.

This area of study has been around for quite some time but only recently has the power increased by almost one order of magnitude so that it is now feasible economically to paint 10% of buildings in polluted cities to remove pollution. I am part of the research that is going on in the Czech Republic Academy of sciences to design programs either on the subsidy model or through an offset system, so that individuals will be incentivized to paint building and other structure surfaces To reduce NOx, VOCs, Ozone, Methane, and organic particulate matter just to name a few, that are found in most urban settings.

There is no other coating that is nearly as strong even though this area has been studied for the last 50 years after being popularized in Japan by Akira Fujishima.

My goals? I am seeking to popularize this type of activity in city centers around the world so that by simply painting structures and buildings we can reduce harmful pollution. And to do this I am seeking interested parties to participate in pilot projects, influencing activities, and other public relations activities to help promote this interesting technology to reduce pollution. It also will save governments money, especially in the European Union, because they are penalized once they break pollution levels according to agreed-upon levels and this amount of money is quite severe.

Please see ClearCities.Org

By painting only 15 m² with FN NANO it is possible to offset all the harmful pollution from one diesel car or three gasoline cars.
There are many other benefits for using this coating such as a self cleaning affect in other words keeping the building clean from depositing dirt and suit from normal pollution. And it makes paint last twice as long by protecting the service from eroding elements such as UV light and the growth of moss and algae.

This technology was invented by Dr. Jan Prochazka, and the technological advantage is the binder that he created that allows the titanium dioxide to rise to the surface. Note: the problem with the other existing photocatalytic coating is that they are using the same titanium dioxide but they mix it with something like oil paints or even concrete, which covers the titanium dioxide and blocks it from receiving the UV light of the sun.