Nanotechnology: Photocatalytic Coatings

Barrandov Road SOUND BARRIER Walls

This sound protection barrier is next to a busy road in Prague 5 district. The top photo shows just after painting with FN in 2014. In the bottom photo, look at the 2 walls on the left: The lighter vertical stripes – and the little light colored boxes – had FN applied on them. The 3 middle walls on the right show darker, dirtier boxes where the FN was NOT APPLIED. The rest of the walls to the right were coated completely with FN.



Vila Bianca with FN NANO Coating

Vila Bianca is a premium apartment complex near the Embassy district in Prague 6 that created on a historical site. The building below was built in 2003. By 2007 the marble surface suffered from dirt accumulation from rain and proximity to the busy road just ten meters away (Photo, below, left). The building was cleaned with pressure spray water and then FN was applied. The photo below right is 7 years after. There is no accumulation of dirt, mold and other residue because the building is constantly self cleaning with FN NANO(r). The bottom photo is from google maps.

Image from Photocatalytic Photos
Vila Bianc Google Mapsilia