Broker for Emerging and Frontier markets

I have great experience finding clients to invest in the stock markets of ex socialist economies going through privatization. In Prague in 1996-97, Kyiv 1997, Athens 1998 and Belgrade 2001-2002.

When things get slow, I look for new avenues of income, trying to find business in any other area that the company can grow into.

After working in Belgrade I learned th Distressed Debt market and learned how to find odd papers to retire in Argentinia.

When the Czech Stockmarket slowed in 2003 I began setting up the carbon desk and traded European Union Emissions Allowances.

Befor this, I was in NY trading Forex and Financial Futures and then in Australia.

Now: 2021

I want to move and I am easy to move. Take me to Tashkent and I will help make a name for your brokerage. I need a small flat and a phone, and a week of eduction. Thereafter I am on the phone, on line connecting the major UK trading houses, to do business in the local market.

Call me: [CZ +420 606 213 523] or [USA +1 914 427 4021]

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Trading desks:SettlementsSpeculative positionsMarket makerSales Negotiation:ISDA, IETA, EFET negotiations KYC/AML  preparationExchange membershipsCustodial setup
Product development:Carbon trading deskJoint Implementation Carbon FundLarge international contact base: In numerous fields of operation continents
Active in all regions
Outside the box creativity :Attracted and closed clients in untapped markets (Asian FX, emerging markets equity crossing, carbon credit risk exposure) Simplification of complex concepts:FX Options
Carbon offsets
Wide range of instruments:FX, commodity and financial futures, options, emerging market equities, distressed debt, exchange orders, carbon allowances, carbon offsets, natural gas. Custody, margining, letters of credit, bank guarantees, escrow.Pitching products, relationships, & investments:New products to owners (Carbon desk)
JI carbon offset fund 
EFET relationships
Other new ventures
RoadshowsEvent speaking
Training:Worked with younger staff, building confidence in meetings, how to close trades, error management, sales.Locations:NY, Sydney, Melbourne, Prague, Kyiv, Athens, Vienna, Belgrade.

Experience in trading and markets

Advanced Materials-JTJ s.r.o., Prague – Nanotechnology, Program Author for pollution subsidy program; sales.

Melbourne s.r.o. , Prague Consultant, owner

MND a.s., Prague,Senior Trader, natural gas; EFET contract negotiator

42 Financial Services, PragueCarbon and Renewables broker

Blackstone Global Ventures a.s. , PragueCarbon fund author

Atlantik Financny Trhy, a.s., PragueCarbon desk creator, sales, manager

Meinl Bank, AG, Vienna – Serbian bonds, distressed Argentine debt retirement

Consulting, BelgradePrivatisation; debt & equities trading

Raiffeisen Capital, PragueCzech equities, head of sales

Sigma Securities, AthensEquities broker

Atlantik East, KyivUkrainian equities, head of sales

Komercni Banka, a.s., Prague Carbon and Renewables broker

HSBC Australia, Sydney Czech equities, head of sales

Bain Refco, Sydney and MelbourneInstitutional sales fx and futures

REFCO Commodities, New York – Settlements, overnight trader of metals, FX