A Financial, Environmental and Energy Markets consultant, with a proven record of product development and relationship acquisition across a wide range of products, with adaptive and marketable skills from a long career in trading markets.

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Daniel Butler
Na Vrchmezi 14
Prague 6 Czech Republic
+420 606 213 523
 I. Employment/Consulting Experience-Achievements
II. Private Ventures
III. Other Activities / Volunteer Work
IV. Education
V. Additional Qualifications
VI. Citizenships/Residency

Built international Natural Gas trading relationships under EFET contracts for the largest Czech Gas and Oil, production and underground storage company, and traded prompt arbitrage products based on storage assets.

An early leader in Carbon market trading in Eastern Europe since 2004, effectively developing a trading operation, accessing and educating new participants, and transacting/broking credits throughout the region, and in Australia-Asia. Advised on multiple AAU sale offerings, for Sovereign sales efforts.

Developed Renewable Energy underwriting product, for support of underfinanced wind farm projects in Romania, with local property advisors
New Products developer with far reaching contacts, clients and dealing counterparts; Corporate and Sovereign.

Financial Markets professional, with a wide array of instrument experience, on 3 continents, since 1986.


Energy and Environment
Conceived, built and operated one of Eastern Europe's first and most active Carbon Desks (Atlantik Financial Markets, a.s. Sept 2004 to Nov 2006). Achieved market dominance in the first two years of activity for Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian markets
Marketed Electricity broking desk for Wallich & Matthes; Developed Green Certificate Underwriting product with Dragoman Partners, for Romanian Renewable Energy Market; acquired new EUA clients in Eastern Europe (Since Jan 2008; currently retained)
Designed and marketed a carbon offset fund(under Joint Implementation), based on arbitrage of new credits for managed portfolio of EUAs.

Reorganized Serbian Savings Bonds sales efforts at two brokers in Belgrade, and acquired a long list of buyers for the newly issued restitution bonds for foreign currency savings stolen under Slobodan Milosevic (M&V Investments Brokerage, Citadel Securities, July 2001 to December 2002)
Set up Serbian Foreign Currency Savings Bonds trading desk for Meinl bank in Austria. (project: May 2003 to June 2004)
Sourced Argentinian large debt retirement tranches, through South American counterparts (Project: Meinl)
Brokered bonds with Wallich & Matthes short-lived bond desk operation,servicing Eastern European fund managers, trading desks in government and corporate bonds, prior to Prague office management dissolution and reorganization into 42 Financial Services.

Successfully commanded a large client base in Emerging Markets privatization equities, in the Czech, Ukrainian and Greece stock markets, from 1996 to July 2001, dealing in nascent markets; Operated in custodian/registrar markets, sourced illiquid stocks, and successfully attained large London brokers as clients Komercni Bank, Aug 1996 to Nov 1998; Raiffeisen Capital, Oct 1999 to July 2001
Participated in privatization and initial public /secondary offerings, setting up IPO client subscriptions, showing investor industrial sites (Sigma Securities, Athens, Nov 1998 to Aug 1999)

Licensed Futures broker of the Sydney Futures exchange (1992)
Captured significant FX business from Early pre-opening trading houses throughout Asia; marketed clients in HK, Singapore, Europe, Indonesia (HSBC Markets, Sydney, Aug 1993 to June 1996)
Brokered futures from NY and Sydney, for numerous European, Asian and North American Exchanges; Simex, Philadelphia Options, IMM, CBOT, Comex (Bain Refco, Sydney, Aug 1989 to July 1993)
Ran trading book, made two-way prices for currency and precious metals on overnight trading desk in New York (Refco FX Associate, July 1986 to Jan 1989


·    Ebel Coffee House, Prague, Czech Republic; 29% Partner, Since September, 1999; Liquidated 2008
·    Tulip Cafe Restaurant, 2001 to 2006; 10% shareholder; assisted in management and sought buyers prior to sale.


Pink Crocodile o.p.s., Prague 9, School for special needs children; Fund raiser, web marketing. 2012 - ongoing.

Cochlear Implant Centre, - Little Snail, Belgrade Serbia; Volunteer Funding Project manager; Assisted in the development of a Cochlear Implant program for young children.  2001-2002


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle, 1985
Foreign Exchange Dealing course, NY Institute of Finance, 1987


Licensed Representative, Sydney Futures Exchange, 1992.


Citizen of USA by birth, 1960
Citizen of Australia since 1995
Permanent Resident of European Union, Czech Republic by marriage, 2004.